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Education IT Services & Solutions

With more than 12 years of experience in education technology, Harvard Technology Group (HTG) offers a broad range of technology services for education. Our focus is to help K12, Colleges and Universities gain the greatest benefits from their technology investments. We provide the right resources at the right time, and to keep your systems operational by ensuring first-class service to students, faculty and administrators. 

HTG will leverage the expertise of teaching and learning from your faculty while providing them with leading-edge technology to be successful in the classrooms.

Harvard Technology Group understands that “getting there” can be complicated and time-consuming. We are here to help institutions like yours reach their goals and main objectives in educational technology by maximizing resources while cutting costs.  Contact us today for a free consultation at

Managed IT Services for Education

At Harvard Technology Group, we specialize in supporting both private and public educational institutions. We understand you need to protect your students and their private data while balancing the needs of your staff to access information systems on campus and the Cloud.

We will design a support matrix that maximizes your budget while reducing your overall IT costs. We will work with your current team to improve efficiency and give you the tools you need in these challenging times where technology is rapidly changing.

We will Deliver the following:
  • Protect student private data

  • Advance learning with video conferencing, electronic blackboards, and VoIP

  • Defend your network perimeter and prohibit inappropriate web browsing with strong heuristic DNS filtering

  • Empower your staff with 24/7 help desk support

  •  Let Harvard Technology Group helps you focus on what you do best – teaching and learning…

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