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Information Technology & Operational Technology (IT & OT)

With business strategies inseparably linked to technology; Education and Business sectors, including Government agencies are rethinking how they envision and deliver technology solutions.  Harvard Technology Group will work with your leadership team to transform current IT Departments into engines that drive business growth, improve services, increase productivity while cutting costs.The goal of our engagement will be to transform your technology ecosystems from collections of working parts into high-performance engines that deliver speed, impact and value. In other words, moving your business processes from the Working-edge to the Leading-edge.

Our re-engineering approaches entail a two-pronged strategy:

From the bottom up, which focuses on creating an IT environment in which infrastructure is scalable, dynamic and the architecture is open and extendable.  These principles are focused mainly on the IT infrastructure and applications, thus becoming essential to all aspects of the operation.

From the top down, our vCIO will work with your team to transform how your business is structure including staffing, and the delivery of services.  Our approach is not to change or remove current processes but rather, it is about challenging every assumption, designing for better outcomes; and, ultimately creating a more effective IT delivery model for the future.

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